by Tim Daykin



Decide where you want to put the unit first; I put mine on top of the instrument cluster between the speedo & tacho.

I found that glueing it in place with Araldite works well. I used a bit of super glue to hold it while the Araldite set hard.



Route the wires down the back of the clocks and into the back of the 2" hole at the back of the headlamp shell where the wring loom enters. Remove the two screws holding the headlamp on (Phillips screws either side of the headlamp shell). Unplug the wires that connect to the main/dipped beam and side lights then put the headlamp unit on the bench out of harms way.

Now remove about 3 inches of outer black sheath off the wires of the Digi cable, and then remove about 5mm of insulation off each of the wires, apart from the Orange wire - you only need to remove a tiny bit of insulation off this one as you don't need to solder this one to anything else. Now tin these ends with solder using a soldering iron.

Inside the headlamp there is several block connectors. There is a block connector with 3 of the wires you need in one (neutral light supply, tacho pulse & speedo pulse).

They are:-

Neutral Light = Light Green / Red

Tacho Pulse = Yellow / Green

Speedo Pulse = Pink / Green

Then another block connector has a supply that is live with the run/stop switch on, Black / Brown. Earth is just a good earth, there are lots of places, I took mine off the lights supply.

I cut all these wires and soldered in the digi-gear wires and re-soldered back together, then heat shrinked them to insulate them.

Programming is a case of having your bike up on a rear paddock stand then follow Datatools instructions,took about 2 mins to set up.

The basics of programming involve:- Turn ignition switch on and kill switch in run position, touch the orange wire to a fork leg (earth) and hold it for about 60 seconds to set the unit to programming mode (a P flashes on the display) then touch the orange wire to the fork leg once for each number of gears the bike has (6). Make sure you insulate the orange wire when you have finished. Tuck the wires back into the headlamp shell neatly and spray lightly with WD40 before replacing the headlamp unit.

Next you need to run the bike in neutral then select first gear bring revs up to about 2 to 3 thousand revs for the digi to recognise the gear. A dash will appear on the display to indicate it has logged the gear and the next gear will appear on the display. Now change up to second gear making sure you slowly pass through neutral. Hold each gear at 2/3 thousand revs for a second or two to allow the digi to acknowledge the gear and carry on up through the gears. After top gear the display will scroll and that is that.

I know some people have had problems with the digi when the bike uses a speedo cable, but the 900/919 uses an electronic pulse instead and it seems to work perfectly on the 900/919.


Tim Daykin 5/2/04