there are four fasteners that hold the rear mudguard on.

off it comes...

pretty easy to mod this really


the little number plate light box could be easily removed al la PORKY style!

"Number 9 is Alive!"
shame we have to bother with Number plates eh ?!

big difference isn't it !

snip snip

so er the black wire goes where ?




gulp !

looks o easy don't it !
"er, shouldn;t you use a workbench andy's brother ?"

helpful little drain hole that the 600 doesn't have !


bloody captive nuts is all I'll say here !

Notice andy has replaced a lot of his bolts with nice stainless ones... Now shouldn't Honda do that from the word go ?

final fitting





R1 Rearsets... mmmm
one on, big difference !

off it comes...

hmm, not too messy in there...

BZZZZZZTTTTT..... ahhhhhh !!


yes! Proper connectors on the front... should make it easy to do the fronts then !

Headlight rear !

not sure ... ?





Yumm, much better !

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the strip... Please post answers to the many questions I've asked... Well, if you know the answers that is.

Any comments can be directed at Andy B or myself... Sir-James on the main Forum.

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