Aldens exhausts - 'Y' section for the 600 Hornet

exclusively produced for the Hornet's Nest


Den at Aldens exhausts has put together a unique piece of pipework to allow you to turn your 600 Hornet into a twin race canned monster like it's big sister, the 900.

The 'Y' section is handmade from stainless steel and connects to the existing pipework at the bottom of the bike. All you have to do then is buy two race cans of your choice from your local stockist and fit them using the simple passover connector (also supplied by Den).

The passover bracket allows you to support the other race can without needing to cut or adapt any body work.

Simple eh.

For more information Contact Dennis at Aldens exhausts on:

07718 113138


01522 830594 after 6pm


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