UK Honda Dealers.

This page is dedicated to highlighting top Honda Dealers all over the UK. Better still, the select. The dealers you've had the best service from or just 'cos they're nice blokes!.

So if you want to recommend a dealer, or if indeed you are a dealer and would like to feature in these pages, contact me at

Jim Grinton was impressed by his local Honda outfit:

"I would like to recommend Littlehampton Motorcycles I have been dealing with them (on and off) for about twenty years. Even after a long break, they remembered both me and my previous bike. They have always been extremely helpful way, above and beyond the service anyone could expect.. The servicing and attention from their workshop has always been excellent and most proffesional. Gentlmen and ladies, I have no hesitation in recommending a small, but efficient and freindly dealer who has a genuine interest in bikes and biking."


Rob Willett sings the praises of HEL Performance. He says:

"I thought I'd add my 2p in for dealers worth talking to. I ordered two stainless steel brake lines from HEL Performance ( on Friday at 3:00pm. Very knowledable chap on the telephone. Order turned up next day, Saturday, at 09:00, registered delivery. I forgot to order p-clips and a handful were sent free of charge for the next day. Highly recommended."


Alan Bigg is impressed with Hartgate Motorcycles. He says...

"I have been dealing with hartgate for a while now and would like to recommend them as "the dogs". 2 chaps to speak to are Clive in the workshop and John Froud in the store itself. If he don't recomend it  don't buy it! regards ALAN"


Candy Tillson wanted some help with her Hornet. In her opinion Lloyd Cooper of Watford are tip top. She says:

"Today I took my Hornet into Lloyd Cooper because of vibration through engine and handlebars, the bike is just over a year old and I didn't buy the bike from them, but they could not of been more helpful, they haven't managed to cure problem as yet but are willing to keep trying (more than where I bought it from, they told me nothing wrong). The gent dealing with this problem is called Dave and I think he is a top bloke for trying to help, even all the staff were friendly and helpful. I reckon this is a top shop and would definitely buy my next  Honda from them. I would also recommend this shop to other motorcyclists. "

The Honda Dealer I bought both my Hornets from is worth a mention:
CASTLE MOTORCYCLES of Castleford, West Yorkshire.
The head honch Mark Kelly couldn't have been more helpful when I bought my first Hornet back on December 31st 1998. I got first class treatment and a long test ride too. Nothing was too much trouble.
Give the lads a call on 01977 553523.

Dave Allen from Brighton would like to endorse Littlehampton Motorcycles of Beach Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex.
In his own words Dave says:


Simon King dropped me a line to tell me about the folk down at The Bike Shop, 68-72 Tamworth Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham. That's where he got his beloved Hornet from and says:

"The lads who own the shop Kurt and Adrian were very helpful and did me a great deal on my hornet. £3995 including all the extras (mac course etc) They even threw in a solalarm as well. I know that the price has dropped again but this was at a time where other dealers were still charging £4495. Adrian even has a yellow hornet himself, so they deserve a mention. Keep up the good work and spread the hornet gospel, (2 more of my mates are getting one now) Cheers."

J Pope e-mailed me to tell us all about a top bunch of people at Ormskirk Motorcycle centre.

He says: "I would just like to say that Ormskirk motorcycle centre in 22 Wigan Rd. Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK - have given me service second to none and have bent over backwards to get me the bike I wanted and faster than I imagined posible, when others told me I would have to wait for weeks, and that the bike was in short supply. The staff were excellent and the prices are good too.

Paul Gething sings the praises of North London Motorcycles (NLM), where he bought his yellow hornet from.

He says: "They gave me a great deal on my new Hornet. I would recommend NLM to anyone who wants good honest and friendly advice from people who know what they are talking about.
North London Motorcycles are based in Barnet - 12 Western Parade, Gt North Road, Barnet, EN5 1AD. Give them a try."

Sean Lacey blows Twiggers Motorcycles trumpet...

He says: "Twiggers motorcycles in Loughborough gave me a great deal on my s reg hornet, they got their price down to £3895 on the road with all the add on's. I' ve just had a datatool veto alarm fitted and a scottoiler, which they fitted to my bike in a matter of hours. They try their best to accomadate you when you are pressed for time, and will always give you quality service no matter what your biking needs are. i'd give Twiggers a ring even if i did'nt own a Honda motorcycle because they are a trust worthy bunch of top blokes. "

James Williams or Sir-James as the bike shop nicknamed him would like to recommend Lloyd Cooper Motorcycles based in Watford and Hemel-Hempsted.

James says: "Although the two towns are probably the grottiest you could hope to find and the mechanics certainly the cheekiest - Lloyd Cooper Motorcycles, and in Particular Jim Heal, are a top lot and extremely helpful. Friendly prices may even be negotiated if the Hornet's Nest site and Sir-James are mentioned to Jim (If he's in a good mood mind !!).

In 2000 they were voted number one Independent dealer in the Ride 'Rider Power Survey'
In December 2000 they were crowned MCN Dealer of the Millennium.
All in all an awesome place to check out !!"

Their number is 01923 221125.
Their web address is

Stuart Tyrell sings the praises of Abingdon Motorcycles In Abingdon, Oxfordshire...

He says: "They continue to impress and delight me with the great service and the friendly and easy-going way that they serve all their customers. If you want a test ride just go and ask .. it's never a problem. If you have a question and in the unlikely event that the very knowledgeable staff can't answer it immediately, they will find out for you. If you need an accessory or part for your Honda and if they don't have it in stock they will generally get for you next day. When your bike goes in for a service you will be offered a free courtesy bike while yours is being attended to. And these are not some old hacks, I was given a 3 month old VFR800i when my Hornet was serviced!
Their prices are very fair, the standard of workmanship is brilliant and the attitude of all their staff is a refreshing change from that of the staff of some of the other local dealerships.
I really can't recommend them enough!"

Dave Bowyer thinks he's found the world's greatest dealer!...
Kent Motorcycles in Kent, the location for Swarm 2000 last year.

Dave says "Hade at Kent Motorcycles is the most deserving dealer I can think of.
All his staff at both shops give total commitment to their customers."

Kent motorcycles
252 Northdown Road
Kent. Ct9 2px
Tel 01843223585

And Hades Other shop
Kent Motorcycles
Dover Road (A2)
Kent Ct46sa
Tel 01227 832601

Dan Tyler got a cracking deal and just had to sing the praises of Hartgate Motorcycles in Mitcham

Dan says "I bought my V reg Yellow beauty from Hartgate mortorcycles in Mitcham London they are a proper honda dealer and I got what I think was a blinding deal.
I bought it brand new on the first day of v-reg (whatever that was at the time) for just £3925 including VAT on the road etc that must be worth a mention isn't it? It was a totally proper deal - all the warranty and everything and no grey import rubbish!"

Jeremy Winder gives the thumbs up to Dobles Motorcycles...

Jeremy says "I bought my Hornet last month from Dobles Motorcycles in Coulsdon and the guys down there could not have been more helpful.
The salesman, Gary Edgehill, clearly knew his bikes and let me take the bike out on test for as long as I wanted. When I got back he was seeing somebody else and so was okay with me doing the deal over the phone the following day. Dobles were terrific, always keeping me appraised of the status of delivery of my pride and joy and bending over backwards to sort out all my requirements. Their after sales service is top notch and they will always try to sort out any little problems that you have as quickly as possible. These guys are a top Honda dealer, with a very competitive price list and a realisation that customer service needs to be top notch, (I get a replacement bike while they service mine if I want it). I would definately recommend them to anybody in the Croydon area for either new or used Hondas, or sales after care."

Richard Dickinson
holds a torch for Motorcycle Action in Acton, West London...

Richard Says: "The man to speak to is Keith, genuine good bloke. I went in there once when a bit bored and ended up chating to him for an hour and a half. They fitted a Remus Grand Prix race can in under an hour, I just walked in and they put it on!! No need to order or anything. He's lent me CBRs to test ride with absolutely no notice. Really good service too. I dropped the bike in for new pads and was lent a courtesy bike, they straightened out my bent brake pedal for free when I dropped mine. I've called them from the M4 once as well when my bike lost power and they solved the problem over the phone, no hassle, give you plenty of time. I'll be taking the bike in for a new tyre and service as well shortly. I don't mind paying a bit more as the service is so good. He's even talked me out of buying a bike once before!!"

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