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More Hornet pics from Hornet fans worldwide...

Dan from London rides this tasty little Buzzin' Hornet...

Unfortunately my flashless digicam doesn't do it any justice.
It's a top bike with loads of F1 Buzzin' Hornets kit.
Dan attended Swarm '99 and took the prize for best bike of the day.
So see the Swarm pics for some tastier examples.

Colour coded belly pan and rear hugger with black Hornet stripes. Yum!

Buzzin Hornet's decals add a finishing touch.

The new headlight spoiler is all his own work. Nice one.

Marcel is from Middlesborough...

He's only had his Hornet for a couple of months - but he's totally in love with it.

Great shot. Do you do weddings sir?

The view from a Yamaha Fazer!!

Sandro is from Rome...

These are the first pics from Italy of a yellow Hornet. Most Italians seem to go for the blue.

Arrow carbon end can gives the bike a cool look.

Sandro astride his trusty beast.

Nearly every shot in the gallery from Italy has the rider with the bike.
Proof that Italians are posers!
We must be a bit shy in the UK.

Hmmm, no rear indicators. No one uses them in Rome anyway!

Thomas Lefeuvre - our man in Paris - is back with two more pics of his excellent bike...

Check it out...

Nice side on shows off the fairing.

Great looking three quarter rear shot. That small license plate is the business!

Joe sent in a few action shots...

That's one smokin' 250!

Bye Bye Rubber...

Just a little squeeze...

There's your donut!

Tony Prowse is from Oz...

Here's some pics of him at Darlington Park raceway near Brisbane Australia.

He's got Ohlins shock and fork springs as well as Fren Tubo kevlar brake lines.

The complete footpeg bracket has been raised by fitting a steel plate spacer and extending the gear shift link rod.

It also has low bars and is fitted with Dunlop 207GPs.

All this makes a great bike even better for track days... :)

Peter Parnham sent in this pic...

Even his young lad has the BUZZ.

Jamie, winding up for a wheelie...

Marco is from Turin in Italy...

Marco taking time out to pose for the local paparazzi!

Marco has tricked up his Hornet with some tasty little bits.

Like flat bars with matching bar end weights. Nice touch.

Vincent Cousin lives in Singapore...

There's only 5 Hornets in Singapore - and he's got one of 'em!

Painted side panels look great.

Unfortunately the authourties insist on having a front licence plate. Poopy.
Still looks like a killer bike though!

Mike from the Isle of Man sent in this pic...

It's good to see a shot of rider and bike. Even if half of the bike is missing!!

It's also good to see a silver one - they're pretty rare.

More pics of our main man in Oz - Aido.

Taken just before his beloved hornet had a coming together with the tarmac.

The man himself - in the pits at Philip Island GP circuit in Australia.

Giving it some beans on the track.
This action pic was taken coming out of turn 12 onto Gardener straight.

Guy Lipscomb from the UK sent in his Jordan Hornet.

It's number '17' of 50 in the genuine Jordan F1 colours.

Looks the biz - but where's the matching car???!


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