Welcome to SWARM '99.
The first Hornet Meet-Up and Ride-Out.

Well folks, this is it. Everybody's chance to meet up and have a chinwag about Hornets. Share stories and experiences, have a laugh and ride through the countryside.

The date.

What's it all about?
It's about having fun on the best naked street bike on the planet!
The aim is to get as many Hornet riders together at one time and create a 'BUZZZ' around the British countryside.

The Itinerary.

It's like this...
On Sunday 5th September all Hornet riders should meet up.

The meeting place will be outside Kempton Park Racecourse near Sunbury - It's the second gateway opposite the Jubilee Pub (not the main entrance and carpark). It's a good spot because it's just off the M3 and near to the M25. So it's easy to get to. The actual meet-up point is more like a big lay-by. It's easy to spot and it's near a petrol station, so we can juice up before we set off.

Everyone should aim to get to the meeting spot at around 10.30am. After some intros and stuff we'll aim to set off around 11.00am. The aim is to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Not kill ourselves!
We'll be heading south into Surrey and West Sussex and taking all the decent country lanes and picturesque roads. We'll head for a beauty spot and popular bikers stop called Newlands Corner. This is our lunch break stop. After a leisurely stop and some grease muffins we'll head off into the countryside again.
We can have another swill stop in Adversane, there's a little old cafe on the A29.
Then it's off again.
The 3rd and final stop is Box Hill. Of Course!
Then it's off again. Heading for Hampton Court Palace, and back on to Kempton Park. Full circle!

The route.

Here is the slightly revised route in more detail.
Click below for details.

Click here for the route.

Click here for a map of the area.

Weather permitting we should have a top day out. The T-Shirts are printed and the stickers are ready...
So come, what'ya waitin' for?? Let's get Buzzin'!

If you're interested in being part of Swarm'99
e-mail me now and let me know:


The more people we get the better!

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