SWARM 2002.

The Honda Hornet Owners Club Annual Gathering.



A Hornet social weekend. Camping, ride-outs, BBQ, banter, competitions, bonfire, wine and fine ales...



Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August.



The England's Rose pub and biker cafe in Postcombe, on the A40 on the way to Oxford.



Once again we’ll be descending on the England’s Rose pub in Postcombe for a repeat of last years Hornet knees up. Camping is free and as usual we’ll be there for the whole weekend – Friday – to Sunday. This year we’re making the Friday afternoon the start of the weekend since we had such a good Friday night last year. All Hornet riders are welcome and there is no restriction to the amount of campers. We just keep putting tents up until the 1 and half acres of garden is full!

Hornet riders are welcome to bring partners and friends, but please be aware that Hornet Owners get preference when it comes to the last square inch of grass or the last bit of burger! The pub serve good food and drink – so you won’t need to pack your bacon for breakfast.



The emphasis on this years event is more of a social nature. A big get together with some ride-outs and fun thrown in. There have been plenty of organised ride-outs this year to get your ‘fill’, with some more to come (keep a regular eye on the message board) so the Swarm is more of an annual knees up.


Friday 2nd August 2002.

Friday is ‘set-up’ day. Last year the Swarm didn’t start officially until the Saturday, but the Friday afternoon and evening proved to be such a laugh that we have decided to start the shenanigans earlier.

James and I and the rest of the Hornet ‘Prominente’ will be arriving to set up and generally sort out the venue. Hornet owners can start turning up from 3pm onwards. Tents can be pitched and bikes polished. There won’t be any organised rides on the Friday but people can have a ride around the surrounding area to familiarise themselves with some of the roads if they so wish.

Drinking commences as soon as they’ll serve us! In the evening there will also be a pool competition between 8pm and 9pm. It’s winner stays on and whoever wins the last game at the strike of 9pm wins a prize. (get your money down early!). The frivolity will no doubt go on into the early hours...


Saturday 3rd August 2002.

Breakfast in the cafe is served from 7.30. Then, we gather ourselves up and set up for the days events – starting at 11am. The front car park is the main ‘arena’ with enough parking for around 90 – 100 Hornets. Smich will be policing the car park for anyone parking like a noddy! All riders need to check in on arrival. At check in you will be given an information pack detailing the weekends events. The Itinerary will also be pinned up on the club stand. There will be a couple of early short and steady rides leaving at around 11.30 just to dust off the cobwebs from the night before - just a nice and steady bimble lasting less than an hour. People not on ride outs can simply sit back with a coffee and enjoy the unfolding views.

Lunch will be available from the cafe from 12 Noon. Obviously there will be a lot of people – so think about staggering your eats. After lunch there will be a series of ride-outs leaving at specified times. Again, we will be trying to keep the rides to manageable sized groups leaving over a staggered time frame.


The number of ride outs and duration depends upon the turnout – but there will be enough to keep everyone happy, with different distances and a choice of slow or quicker.

At 5pm we will be aiming to do a repeat of last years incredible HORNET PROCESSION. We basically get as many Hornets as possible in a long line and pay the locals of Henley on Thames a visit. Maximum numbers - Maximum effect!! The route through Henley takes us on some excellent roads through some quaint villages. We pass through Henley – go out of town as far as the first major roundabout and then loop back through Henley again – this time on the High Street – and then thread back to Postcombe for tea.

Raffle tickets will be on sale all day at £1each – and will be drawn at approximately 6.30pm on our return from the PROCESSION. There are cash prizes, T-shirts and other paraphernalia.

This will be followed by the presentation of the Hornet’s Nest Awards – such accolades as Best Bike and so on.

The BBQ will be lit at around 7pm and food served some time after. Once it gets dark we will be retiring to the rear of the pub and lighting the bonfire.

This will be followed at 10pm by a team-based quiz. Hornet related and General Knowledge – with a prize for the winning team and forfeit for the team in last place… titter... Followed by drinking into the night…


Sunday 4th August 2002.

Breakfast will be available between 7.30 and 9am in the café for those in a fit state. Sunday is basically a chill out day with a couple of local ride outs followed lunch. After lunch we may repeat the Hornet procession of Saturday – but if last year is anything to go by most people will be nursing hangovers and wonmdering how they will ever ride home with a tent attached to their back! 3pm we will draw the Swarm to a close - so that tents can be dismantled and people can make their way home. More details such as planned routes and maps will be available on the day.


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