Andy-b's bike before Sir-James persuades him it WOULD be a good idea to take it to pieces...
Andy showed me how the Abba stand works. Andy-b begins to rock the bike backward off the Abba stand
There it goes
Another angle of the Abba stand in action
Andy-b really rates this thing. It can be tricky to work though
All looks a bit tricky to me !
still coming off
How the Other side grips the Bike

Shot underneath the back of the bike.

Notice the Hugger which is a tough plastic. The Shock also has an extra "Crap Cover" which should stop a lot of the damage that happens to the 600 Shock.

Notice also the Silver Heat sink of what I assume is a Resistor of somesort. That is Gonna Rot Unless someone can bodge a remedy...

Andy B has added a Baglux tank cover which I have to say is actually very cool to look at and functional in that it makes luggage a no brainer..
Bike with the Seat off. Notice the Steel beam frame.. Andy's had a big crease where it had been shaped.. Pretty tough looking, But WELL heavy.
The Colour id of the bike can be seen on the little sticker to the Right of the Picture
Notice the Marks from the seat starting to wear away the paint on the Frame. This isn't really a problem but can be easily remedied with Two bits of Gaffa Tape.
The Other Mark. Just behind the Tank.
Side shot. What looks like the Backside of the Airbox isn't. As we'll see later.
Andy B fancies some micro indicators... What do you think ?
The Rear ?
Body is clear of horrible protrusions in case anyone is thinking of removing either Exhaust Muffler
T-other side !
Hex Bolt heads protrude further out than the 600's...
Easy does it...
urrgh, notice the raised section of bodywork under the Grip... That's a shame..

Not as streamlined as the 600.


no comments on dirt please, I've heard it all before !

SJ ;)

Rear body panel is removed by poking out the front "Poppers"
The other side...
Stop admiring your reflexion beard boy and GET ON WITH IT!

oooo.... what's that connector for ??


Any ideas anyone...

Alarm ?

Power commander ?

Rear Pillion bum warmer ?


Andy Takes a tool to the Side Panel.


Off come the Other side.

Only one fastener.


So THAT's where the Battery Hides...


Is that part of the Fuel system poing out from under the tank too?

What IS that connector for ?
Andy Goes back to removing the rear body panel and disconnects the Rear Brake light.
There it is in all it's glory.. Sarah's legs.. oh and you can see the Body panel too !
Very Darth Vader !
no, I didn't fall over !

Now to remove the Exhaust system.

First the Side heat panels come off. One Fastener and they Slide off.

Here she comes..

Very grimey under here...


Horrible with em on, horribler with em off..


look at that crap black paint on the pipes...

it's easy to see the Fastener hole here on the right, and the two retainers which the shield slides onto; left.

Andy B was eager to get polishing and I had to fight him off with the WD40 before he got too carried away.

You can see the Main Fastener that holds the Muffler unit to the "Up-Pipe"

The one on the other side is clear too.

Out she comes...
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