This is the second of two Fasteners that hold the muffler/silencer unit on
Comes off pretty easy really !

ooo... hang on it's posh spice


(I'm a dead man!)

Silencer sliding out of the Connector pipe
That's it all out
Yes, VERY restrictive

Loads of uninteresting crap...


try copying THAT with your set of punches...

Apparently this is what makes the exhaust legal !!

No, we didn't start her up,being close to Heathrow we felt there may be a noise issue..



er.. not sure !


notice the Adjuster for the Shock


Shot underneath the back of the bike.

Unlike the Hornet 600, that rear section is seperate from the undertray. Good news for those that wanna modify this thing

big piece of metal huh ?
So come on, what are the four "Thingies" then ?

Horrible hugger mountings will cause issues with non standard braided lines.. lots of slack !


Are people gonna replace their Huggers ?


The other Drag pipe..


see the heat sink.. there she rusts...

poof ...

Andy b has removed the silly pillion peg guards.. I dinna know this was possible. Apparently everyone on the nest has done this to their 600 as well, apart from me !

MUCH chunkier brakes than the 600...


SP1 anyone.. LDH ?


So how does that rear thingy come off ?


Easy. First remove the two Fasteners either side of the bike.

Notice the area that Andy is pointing to ? that should have been clear plastic. Honda could then have done away with the silly reg plate light.
...the silly reg plate light.

Anyone Fancy a single pipe?

That's what it'll look like..


So what's under the covers...


"Said the Matron to the border...."

er, sorry






(what's the brass bolt for, fuel ?)


Another shot of the side





umm, so that would be the exhaust pipe there then...


oooo, an expansion chamber..


will this remedy the hot shock syndrome ?

Ohlins, are you getting this !


Some bash plates needed, or a belly pan, but where to mount it ?

Got the valve lined up properly then...
Much more room for big polishing hands there !!

See the squashed waste tube.. looks like an afterthough..


That ain't coming off and on again very easily !

So is that the idle adjust screw ?


Lets looky see !

ummm.. Andy is undoing and I'm facinated by the icke Hornet 600 andy seems to have embedded in his tyre..

bet THAT won't repair !

Elephant ears... Indian Variety.

He's still undoing !

Off she comes...
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