ummm, whats that then ?

I'm thinking Air pressure sensor for the FI system... anyone know better ?

Filter looks similar to the 600's

Small airbox huh ?



notice no wire wool ANYWHERE


still very clean.. dead restrictive though !!

Rear view of "trumpet"

Better lit

God how did that get there...


see i DID clean it for the Spring sting didn't I


my new dual Scottouler delivery system...


The chain is the ONLY bit of my bike which is in A1 condition !


Andy B measing up the radiators.. are they the same ?

600 has this filler cap

the 900 doesn't, so where do you fill the 900's up then?


That Hooter has to go... where can it be moved to, anyone got any bright ideas?

umm what's under here, is that where the Crash mushrooms are supposed to live ?

Any B picks at his scabs you know !


hmm, no thread, so the rumours are true.. you have to thread the bloody hole !!


ridiculous !

where does it go out of interest.... ?

well looky here !!


The entire tube is hollow..


Andy B and I think it would be a great design if you had a solid bar threaded at both ends and then attach the mushrooms to either end. Would be VERY strong and better than Honda's design I think... Any comments on this?

would need shock rubbers though !
view from behind and right of engine... what's the black thing for then ?

the underside of the swing arm showing the HUGE and UGLY join between the down pipes which are probably pretty efficient and stainless etc and the orrible black painted risers that join up to the silencers !


hmm what's that little cut away for then ?


Any goes all OHLINS


Another shot of the side


Hope ohlins are taking notes at this point !


notice that little black bit of undertray... we reckon that's gonna get water in it so we might drill a little drain hole ??

euuurr funny angle that one!
There's that elusive little plug again, I wonder if this is the Connection from the HISS system to the aftermarket Honda alarm...

and what's THAT !!?


all the holes are blocked ...

anyway out comes the indicator wires...

yep that's them !

hmmm not the same type of connector...

honda have used blocks instead of bullits

all gets tucked nicely away in here !

my number plate is bigger than yours !!

Legal size numbers but cut down plate I understand !

Someone has to come up with a nice replacement for this

those paint id numbers again
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