The Hornet's Nest - Home of the Honda Hornet Owners Club.

This site was conceived, designed, and created by myself, Matt Statham.
And is dedicated to the memory of fellow Hornet rider and club member, Mike Thomas,
who was tragically killed whilst riding his Hornet on Thursday 10th August 2000.
Please take a moment to read the tribute page.

This site was originally created in January 1999 and became a club in February 2000.

Since then the site has been built on and added to with the help of many.
In particular, further credit should go to the following members for their help and contributions:

My wife Claire
Sue Tym (Little Insect)
Martin Hall (Mart)
Rose Clarke (Rosec)
John Tythe (Wun Tun)
Dunc Adams (Dunc)
Mark McNally (Hairnet)
Scott Snedden (ScottUK)
Nick Coe (Bright 'n' Hornet)
Mandy Needham (Hornette)
Paul Catchpole (Porky)

Also to:

James Williams (Sir James)
Danny Farry (Buster Dan)
Clive Bristow (Orient Express)
Keith and Rita Masters (Reets)

I would also like to thank the following:
Dennis Hobbs (Honda Hornet Cup 2000 Champion)
John Hobbs (tip top man and father to the above!)
Mark Alexander from Tippetts Honda


Paul Styles From Doble Honda.

The current site and message board sponsors.

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