SWARM 2002: Postcombe Revisted.

The Hornet's Nest 4th Annual meet-up.

On 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August 2002 we had or biggest meet up weekend ever. Over 110 Hornets came to swarm.

As usual, we did more drinking than riding, but then that's what we meet up for!

Over the three days we depleted the pubs supplies of food, ale and wine - had over 10 organised ride-outs - gave out awards - had a raffle, a quiz and generally had a stonking time.

The alcohol has erased most of my memory of the weekend - but here's some high lights and lo lights...!

The procession to Henley - our biggest line up yet!

Winner of 'best bike'. Not everyones cup o tea - but hats off for attention to detail.


Some of the other awards included:





This was our first Swarm with rider 'offs'. One in the carpark (below) and another in a hedgrow.

Both riders and bikes were totally OK and funnily enough both bikes were 250's!

Much drinking and confusion - THE QUIZ!

Young Tom gets his commupence for keeping everyone up til dawn!

How everyback garden should look...

Porkster and Mart holding hands under the table, again.


There's plenty more photos - take a look at the gallery link below.

Big thanks to all those who helped out. In particular to Sir James, Sue Tym, Smich and Wes.

We'll be doing it all again next year somewhere else!

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Download the Swarm 2002 Movies...

1. One of the rideouts leaving

2. The procession to Henley on Thames - count 'em!

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